Soundtrack album featuring original Magic Music recordings not heard for more than 40 years also to be released

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 NEW YORK (June 19, 2018) – Paladin has acquired the award-winning music documentary 40 YEARS IN THE MAKING: THE MAGIC MUSIC MOVIE for an August 3 national theatrical release.  The Orchard will follow with a digital release on September 4.  Directed by Emmy-nominated writer-producer Lee Aronsohn (Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory), the film follows Aronsohn’s mission to reunite the scattered members of Boulder’s most influential and elusive jam band, Magic Music, in the hopes of getting them to play one last show. 

The Orchard will also release the film’s soundtrack, an album literally 40 years in the making, featuring original recordings of the band from the early 1970’s that have never before been available.

40 YEARS IN THE MAKING has screened at Woodstock, Napa, Newport, Richmond, Florida, and Boulder Film Festivals, winning numerous awards along the way.

“From the very beginning, what I wanted to do with this film is introduce this music to people who had never heard it, which is most of the world,” said Aronsohn. “The festival audiences for 40 YEARS IN THE MAKING have been incredibly enthusiastic and I’m thrilled now to be working with Paladin and The Orchard to bring the film and Magic Music to the entire country.”

Magic Music is one of the most fondly remembered bands of the Boulder Revolution. Living in a makeshift camp up in the mountains, they would delight local residents and university students with their original songs, acoustic instruments, and light harmonies; their growing popularity brought them to the brink of success more than once.  Unfortunately, they never signed a record deal and eventually broke up in 1975. 

Four decades later, one of their greatest fans, Boulder alumnus and acclaimed director Lee Aronsohn, tracked down the original Magic Music members. Making a dream come true for himself, fellow fans, and the band, he brought them together - in Boulder - for a sold-out reunion concert that finally preserved Magic Music for posterity.

“In 40 YEARS IN THE MAKING Lee has made a loving, lively tribute of a time, a place, and a spirit that defined an entire generation,” said Paladin President Mark Urman. “I think everyone holds onto the music they loved in their youth, and this film beautifully conveys the notion that no matter how much we - or the world change—those musical memories are forever.  We look forward to sharing this entertaining, emotionally satisfying film with audiences this summer.”

“This is a compelling story about a musical journey of over 40 years - and the deep emotional impression that music can leave on one’s soul. Helping Lee pursue the dream of reuniting his favorite band to create alchemy one more time was irresistible to me,” said Jeff Jampol, one of the producers of the film and the Grammy Award-winning and Emmy-nominated manager of The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, as well as countless other legends.
40 YEARS IN THE MAKING features new interviews and archival footage with band members George Cahill (Tode), Chris Daniels (Spoons), Rob Galloway (Poonah), Will Luckey (Wilbur), Bill Makepeace (Das), Kevin Milburn (CW), and Lynn Poyer (Flatbush).

The film is written and directed by Lee Aronsohn.  Produced by Fleur Saville.  Executive Producers are Aronsohn and Lisa Haisha and Producer is Jeff Jampol.  Cinematography is by Dean Cornish with editing by Kyle Vorbach.

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