Awesome review from "Aint It Cool News"!

"The emotional roller coaster this film takes us on is very enlightening. The battle of egos, the fight against conformity, and back to the land perspectives are illustrated with love and care by the film's director and narrator Lee Aronsohn. It is made immediately clear that this bands music helped mold him while he was a student in Boulder. Magic Music performed on campus regularly in the seventies and had a huge local following then in 1976 seemed to drop off the planet. Years past, Lee had kids, sung to them Magic Music songs, and realized he had to find Magic Music, discover where life had led them and pursue the almost impossible feat of reuniting the band...

By the end of the film, I was singing along and crying over experiencing the intensely emotional climax of the film. Since seeing the film the first time, I have rewatched it four times, mainly playing in the background for the sake of the music, which I can not find anywhere else, and am now addicted to. Hopefully, this film gets some attention and a soundtrack may be available, I am looking at you Lee Aronsohn!

So overall I absolutely adore this 1970's love letter of a music documentary, if you get a chance when it comes out in 2018 it is worth more than just the price of admission, it illustrates a place in time that was pivotal in many ways, and I wish nothing but the best for all involved! Thank you Lee Aronsohn, for the ear candy share and being a truly beautiful human that shared as well as brought this rocking story to the world. I do not want to list any spoilers... Just thanx Lee! Uplifting and truly a realistic look at what can happen to the closest of individuals overtimes heavy hands."

                              -Pekosa Peligrosa, AINT IT COOL NEWS

Jake Siegel