Exclusive clip and write up on FILM INQUIRY!

"40 Years In The Making: The Magic Music Movie premiered at the Woodstock Film Festival and will be also be playing at the Napa Valley Film Festival on November 9th and 11th. Magic Music is also set to play a follow up reunion show at the Napa Fest on Nov. 11th.  Television writer/producer Lee Aronsohn (The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men) tries to track down the scattered members of Boulder’s most influential and elusive jam band, “Magic Music,” in the hopes he can get them to play one last show.

The film is a wild little story about a popular hippie band from the 70’s in Boulder, Colorado that reunites for a concert 40 years after their tumultuous breakup. The story follows the band as they relive their touring days and explain how they squandered the opportunity to become the next big jam band (like the Grateful Dead)."

                         - Manon de Reeper, FILM INQUIRY


Jake Siegel